The ‘Hospital’ Taiwanese Version’s 10 Best Selling Points

The Hospital can be declared as the close gathering of the young and old generation cast of actors and actresses together in one production. Its a breakthough in the Taiwanese TV industry where this group can appear in one show. Among the entangled complexity between the characters, it actually unfolds the love-hate relationships and rivalry, in complete brilliance and exellence. The following will introduce in extreme essence, the 10 most outstanding features to watch in the drama.
Point 1
Because of the purity and agony of the male lead

Its because of Jerry Yan who actually plays the role of a young surgeon Su Yi Hua who absolutely dont allow under-the-table medical treatment and has strong righteous principles. Mainly because he behaves this way, he is repeatedly faced with many difficult positions. It would be unlikely that he will sink into the predicaments of people because he is kind-hearted, and always thinks first of others, with a bit of not considering to run his head forward. Yet, unknowingly, he then realized that the rising trends and his own beliefs are in contrast to each other’s paths.
Point 2
Taiwan’s Crying Queen (?) intense portrayal

Another worth to watch is Janine Zhang’s role as an anaesthesiologist. She is the male lead’s former lover. In the drama she plays a regular doctor who got involved in a malpractice case, and also acted in a scene being in love with a school head. Because she also suffered heart aches, and went through a woman’s life surges, Janine has so many crying scenes in the drama. She can now be considered as Taiwan’s Crying Queen like Korea’s Choi Jin Woo whose crying can also cause the viewer some deep impressions. In the drama, Janine can also give fans the shock with her intense bed scenes. From a youngster’s point of view, Janine really puts her whole feelings in her role, showing unexpected brilliance, that causes the viewers to pay close attention.
Point 3
The Love of Su Yi Hua and Guan Xin

Su Yi Hua and Guan Xin met when they were at medical school. Although they admire each other, they are far like an attracting magnet and can completely cut themselves off. Going though the different life’s challenges. The 2, however, didnt get to be really together, which is quite worthy for the viewers to watch.
Point 4
Leon Dai’s own role

For multi-awarded actor and equally talented director and stage play screenwriter Dai Li Ren, performing is his domain. This time in The Hospital serial, he made use of his own intuitions in the treatment of his role, which is a combination of Director Cai’s identity and understanding. How this kind of role treatment affects the story is what the viewers can look forward to.
Point 5
Real-life characterization

Taiwan TV serials has collected a line of idols in the recent years. For this drama, it has surpassed up to 30 every kind of painstaking roles and background plots. A huge part is the different interlude of the characters’ entangled relationships that becomes a story itself, and forms these drama-like scenes. The many experienced veterans also increases the level of performance of the young generation. This drama possesses high quality, enough to be a important reason.
Point 6
The brave hero of the Taiwanese TV industry
Filming a reality TV drama to reflect the real society

Because of “Meteor Garden” and “God Mars”, etc., people had actually known Director Cai Yue Xun’s films. Mainly because he is Taiwan’s idol drama pioneer, he was thrown to film this social literature TV drama. In this drama, he was the fully
uncompromising director, highly persistent on details.
Point 7
Actor Wu Meng Da unfolds a real-life acting skill

Being in “Shao Lin Soccer” is when people knew about actor Wu Meng Da. He got HK movie film awards as “Best Supporting Actor” and many more, and from these awards, it defines his real acting talent. Believing he can well come up with laughter, anger, sorrow and happiness present from a veteran talent, which can certainly move someone into tears.
Point 8
Soul Actress Saya

Saya’s role is a luekemia patient, and had to shave her head in the filming. At that time, when she saw how she looked in a bald head, she was reportedly cried a lot. But now, she actually kind of used to like this image.
Point 9
The director’s follower, Xui Jie Kai

Xui Jie Kai once acted in “Ming Yang Si Hai”, “God Mars”, etc., many from Director Cai’s films. This is the first time he portrayed a kind-hearted small town doctor who had a small clinic. But because he must act the character older than his actual age, he wore eyeglasses and kept a beard for this role. He always carried his medical suitcase on his shoulders as he walks the road, and then be the Taiwanese version of Dr. Coter.
Point 10
Outshining the Japanese Version

This profound group appearing in the TV serial, in hospital power struggle, medical malpractice, etc., has duplicate areas as in the Japanese version but these are only the small parts, because the drama’s focal point lies in depicting the poeple’s love-hate relationships, rivalry and so on.

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