The Hospital coming to U

Starring F4’s Jerry Yen and veteran actor Ng Man Tat, this latest and highly anticipated Taiwanese make of the hit Japanese medical drama will make an island-wide exclusive debut on Feb 3, airing every weekend at 7.30pm.

Jerry Yan stars as a surgeon unknowingly drawn into his hospital’s power struggle. Veteran Leon Dai, supporting actor in Double Vision and director of Twenty Something Taipei, plays Jerry Yan’s senior colleague. Hong Kong actor Ng Man Tat is their boss, the head of the surgical department. Rising actress Chang Chun Ning from Holiday Dreaming and Silk takes up the female lead.

About the drama

The Hospital uncovers both nobility and evil within human nature, especially at times of crisis. Dr. Su (Jerry Yan), a talented young surgeon, receives a request from the medical department to collaborate on a complicated leukemia case, the patient being the President’s daughter (Saya Chang).

However, Dr. Su’s boss (Ng Man Tat), the head of the surgical department, fears that the head of the medical department will threaten his chances in the competition to become the next hospital director. When Dr. Su checks the computer for staff members involved in this special case, he sees his ex-girlfriend’s (Chang Chun Ning) name as the anesthetist. But what surprises him is that Dr. Chiu (Leon Dai), the deputy head of the surgical department, has already replaced him as the surgeon of this operation…

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