The Blood Brothers press conference

Gathering Chinese movie industry’s three most influential actors, The Blood Brothers had offically started shooting on 4 December. At the press conference, Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jet Li all had new images. Takeshi’s moustached look and Andy was wearing a hat as he had shaved his head, likewise Jet also attend wearing a hat, it clearly shows that 3 of them are ready for shooting.

This much anticipated movie had a scary budget of US$40000,000 as it has 3 international stars in Andy, Jet and Takeshi collaborated for the first time, it’s also directed by newly crowned Golden Horse Film Awards Best Director Peter Chan.

At the day of the press conference, maybe Andy and Takeshi had collaborated in House of Flying Daggers before, both of them are rather close as they addressed each other as brothers. They also whisper into each others ears, when compared Jet seems to be a lonely figure.

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