The 38th ‘Ming Pao Weekly’ Performance Awards

‘Ming Pao Weekly’ held their annual award ceremony yesterday handing numerous awards to artists. Among the attendees were Leon Lai, Eason Chan, Hacken Lee, Ada Choi, Roger Kwok, Shirley Yeung, Steven Ma, Angela Tong, Lui Fong, Jade Kwan, Stephen Chan, and many others. Being headline news for the past couple of days, Leon Lai, Eason Chan, and Hacken Lee were swarmed by reporters but were able to avoid answering questions regarding their personal lives. The winners are as follows:

Compassionate Artist Award
Leon Lai & Josephine Siao

Most Respected Artist Award
Bak Suet Sin & Andy Lau

Most Outstanding Television Actor and Actress
Roger Kwok (Life Made Simple)
Ada Choi (Dance of Passion)

Most Outstanding Television Series
Le Femme Desperado

Most Outstanding Male and Female Singer
Eason Chan (Best Bad Friend)
Janice Wei (My Love My Fate)

Most Outstanding Album
Concert Hall (Hacken Lee)

Most Outsanding Actor and Actresses
Simon Yam (Election)
Karena Lam (Home Sweet Home)
Zhou Xun (Perhaps Love)

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