Tearful Erica Yeun Betrayed By Third Party

After intimate petting photographs of Erica Yuen and her ex-boyfriend were released to a magazine and printed, she has not appeared in public until recently. Looking tired, she said that she had been betrayed by a third party and she felt very upset. Appearing at her Tseung Kwan O home yesterday for the first time since the incident, she was dressed in a black top and shades, trying to keep a low profile, but unable to hide her tired expression. When she saw the reporters, she seemed a little shocked and then said that she would like to deal with the incident quietly, but after being pressed for a comment, she opened up and spoke about her feelings.

Erica says that when the photographs appeared, she was in America visiting relatives: "Last week, I had flown over to America to see my family and when I found out about it I was very shocked and never thought that these photographs would be leaked. (Were you betrayed by your ex-boyfriend?) I believe it was not him, it is a third party and I feel very betrayed. (Have you contacted him?) After we split up, we did not keep in touch and after this, we have not made contact."

Erica wanted to leave then, but when the reporters asked her if she had any regrets, she said: "Let bygones be bygones, there is nothing I can do. I will be more careful in the future and I hope that people will take more notice of my work and ignore the gossip."

Erica was originally scheduled to host the e-buzz programme on TVB but after the effects of the news, she was replaced by Sharon Luk. She admitted that this happened: "As I have been upset, this would affect my performance, so I have taken some leave from the company and they have been very understanding. I feel very bad for taking time off because of this as it is not very professional, so I hope that I can do better in the future." She says that she will be resting at home for afew days and return to work on Tuesday.

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