Tavia’s Sexy Summer Slimming Ads

To mark the summer and following in the footsteps of other slimming spokesmodels, Tavia Yeung and Amanda S to become the next generation of sexy slimming models.

Popular model Amanda S made a name for herself sporting beautiful mixed-race looks and handing out kisses on TVB’s "Beautiful Cooking", successfully winning the affections of the show’s hosts and also Jordan Chan and even guest chef Master Chow. As for Tavia, she has shaken off her earlier image of being a ‘Maggie Cheung Ho Yee lookalike’ and has forged a name for herself over time recently being voted by netizens as the top female lead at TVB.

Both ladies have been selected to be spokesmodels for slimming companies this season, with Amanda shooting her ad in a swimsuit look and see through top and hot pants, representing Elyze and wearing six inch heels, posing on a six foot high staircase.

Tavia has been signed by slimming company Yankee Spa and has lost 15 inches in total from all over her body. She has undertaken seven different images in her shoot, including a spring look and swimwear in a process that took twelve hours in total. Cleansing her ‘girl next door’ image, Tavia was even splashed with water for a wet look and showed off her beautiful feminine curves, of which she is very proud. She says she loves her wet look: "Although it was hard work being sprayed, but it was worth it and even Bosco Wong and Moses Chan have complimented me. My confidence has grown now because I used to be criticised more than complimented. (You are not as reserved as before?) The most important thing is that it looks healthy, I don’t mind it being healthily sexy." She also invites any potential boyfriends to come forward to date her!

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