Tavia Yeung’s Fresh Long-Haired Look

Tavia Yeung filmed a shampoo and bodywash ad in Guangzhou earlier and in order to bring out her beauty through her hair, the sponsors had arranged for six inch extensions to be put in for her, taking the length of her hair right down to her waist. It was midnight before she left the salon.

The theme of the advertising campaign was for Tavia to be led onto the dancefloor by a handsome male model and letting her hair flow as she danced, attracting the attention of the viewer. For Tavia who does not know how to dance, she had to have a crash course in the steps an hour before the shoot, but she managed to pull it off and look professional. She said happily: "This is my first mainland ad and the sponsors were very pleased with my new look, which will give everyone a fresh feeling. The fee this time is the best I have received since I have been in the industry."

Tavia also says that the most memorable thing about this shoot was when she was filming a shower scene. After putting on the body wash, they kept spraying her with water and the aircon in the studio was quite strong, so she was freezing and her teeth kept chattering. Fortunately, everyone was very accommodating and they turned down the aircon for her and even turned on the heating. The sponsors also prepared ginger tea to avoid her catching a chill and this touched Tavia.

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