Tavia Yeung wants a 100 Carat Diamond Ring from Future Husband

Tavia Yeung modelled for a jewellery company yesterday, along with Rosamund Kwan look-a-like, Jocelyn. Wearing a low cut gown, Tavia disclosed that this is not her first time being a model but it is the first time she has worn such expensive jewellery. The actress modelled two sets of jewellery, valuing at over $1 million each, she commented, “Both sets of jewellery cost as much as an apartment! But this has made me feel like I have been carrying two apartments on my body, making me feel under pressure. I had quite a scare during the rehearsals when the ring fell off because it was too loose.”

Tavia then expressed her likings for the jewellery, she said, “This is my future goal. In the past, my mum bought me a small diamond ring. I have never received jewellery from any of my boyfriends.” Tavia then jokingly said that her future husband must give her a 100 carat diamond ring before she agrees to marry him. If he gave her a 1 carat ring, she will tell him to continue to work harder. Tavia exclaimed, “If I cannot receive a 100 carat diamond ring, I will buy one myself!”

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