Tavia Yeung Successfully Increases Cup Size

Tavia Yeung Yi filmed a breast enhancement ad yesterday. Ad sponsor, Siu Ding Yat, was also present. Tavia revealed that she was able to complete her breast enhancement program within 75 days. Her cup size has increased from 31A to 33B. Tavia revealed that she hopes to spend another 25 days on the program to reach 34C.

Tavia wore a white bikini layered with a lace cover-up yesterday. It is obvious that Tavia’s bust size has increased. She revealed that she had to buy new tops and bras as a result. Since Tavia’s bust enhancement, many colleagues at work have praised her new figure. Did Tavia’s boyfriend also complement her? Tavia revealed that she did not ask him.

In the past, many of Tavia’s colleagues teased her flat figure. When she was filming "Dou Cheung Fung Wan" earlier, her role required her to wear a fake bust. At the time, Tavia felt the need to increase her bust size, but she did not want to get breast implants.

What did the men have to say about Tavia’s new figure? Tavia smiled and asked the reporters to question boss Siu Ding Yat. Siu joked pervertedly that since he has never felt them, he wouldn’t know.

Earlier there were reports that Siu complained he did not have any beautiful girls as spokesmodels. Siu said that was not his intended meaning. As to whether he is freezing Suki, Siu said that Suki lacked professionalism. Aside from hiding the fact that she was dating, she likes to haggle over details, causing Siu to stop all current work for her. Among the spokesmodels, Siu said that Rain Li Choi Wah was the best.

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