Tavia Yeung, Ron Ng and Tracy Ip

Tavia Yeung, Ron Ng and Tracy Ip were yesterday modelling jackets in bustling Causeway Bay. The three, who all wore thick winter jackets, were all sweating due to the hot weather but were still able to attract a huge crowd. Tavia and Ron had especially attracted a lot of the fans, while embarrassingly, Tracy did not have any fans supporting her during the event.

Tavia commented, “Thankfully I am only modelling a vest! This is why I should be sweating less than the others. This is quite fun actually, I wouldn’t mind modelling fur jackets in summer either. (Do you want to try modelling swimwear?) It depends on the circumstances. But if the pay is good, I would definitely do it.”

Ron then revealed that he is a heavy sweater. So it no wonder that he sweat so much as he modelled the jacket.

In regards to having no fans at the event, Tracy expressed that it does not matter but she hopes to be able to have more fans in the future.

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