Tavia Yeung is Hoarse from Screaming

Tavia Yeung was filming yesterday for "Trouble Daddy" and she says that she has been suffering from a throat infection after her performance on New Years Eve, but with such a good fee and the new year atmosphere, then it was still worth screaming and joining in that day. With her support on the day from Bosco Wong who went up on stage to help her out when she had a problem, is she worried that his rumoured girlfriend Myolie would be unhappy about that? Tavia smiles: "Don’t be silly! We are friends and he wouldn’t leave me out on my own like that."

The ratings for "Dicey Business" were very respectable last week and Tavia hopes that they will keep rising for the finale week. "The best would be a 36 like my breast size in the show! If it does, then we will get Bobby Au Yeung and Michael Miu to pay for dinner."

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