Tavia Yeung Does Not Mind Appearing in Lingerie Catwalk

Bosco Wong Chung Chak and Tavia Yeung Yi appeared at the “Topvalu Spring Fashion Show” as guest models. Bosco and Tavia held hands and appeared as a “couple.”

Despite the presence of models in their undergarments, Tavia did not mind and said she wished to join them. Tavia was confident in her good figure and believed she possessed the qualities to appear in a bikini and undergarments in a catwalk. “As long as the results are healthy sexy, that’s fine. But it must not be overly revealing.”

Bosco said he did not pay direct attention to the models in their underwear. “It’s better not to look! I never bought underwear for my ex-girlfriends in the past.”

“But fans frequently gave me briefs in the past. I don’t mind receiving them as gifts. The gifts came in all shapes and colors: rainbow colored, bright red, boxers, etc. The sizes were too big; they over-estimated my waist size!”

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