Tavia Yeung became a bad woman, successfully breaking through

In TVB Series Heart of Greed which is broadcasting now, the episodes aired every night will become the talk of the town. Netizens come online to leave messages, like previous night it spoke of Tavia Yeung smoking and drinking after receiving a shock, becoming the new topic of discussion. There are even netizens who stated that they started liking her because of her bad role, allowing Tavia who always played ‘little’ women breakthrough.

In the previous night’s episode, Tavia Yeung who played model Cheung Man Lai remarried Tong Chi Yat (Bosco Wong) and at the wedding banquet the second mum (Susanne Kwan) tipped off the media. In low spirits, she turned to smoking and drinking to let off stream.

After the scene was broadcasted, it immediately became a hot debate by netizens. As Tavia’s performance is very convincing, there are people who suspected that she is the same in real life. However, most netizens do not believe this is to be real, even some stated that they never felt anything special for Tavia in her usual portrayal of ‘little’ women, yet feel that she is another of a kind and gradually start liking her after acting as a bad woman in Heart of Greed. Her change in image successful and attracting new fans, Tavia expressed that she is very happy. “I really never thought that anyone will like this role, to attract different kinds of fans is a good thing. Truthfully speaking, this is totally different from my usual roles, at first I was worried that because of the adultery, my character will not be likable and actually in the start, I was worried that drinking and smoking will serve as a bad example to kids. Later on, I realised this is needed for the development of the storyline but I have to clarify: in real life, I do not know how to smoke.”

To Tavia Yeung, this role of Cheung Man Lai is “Virgin going to sea” because she has to smoke onscreen for the first time. She recalled filming this scene: “Because I have to smoke aggressively, I coughed until I nearly died, smoking turned out to be difficult and because I have to film til late, I realized later on that it will cause dizziness.” As for this bad woman, Tavia emphasised: “Actually, she is not considered a bad woman, not to that extent. Because I played a model, I have to be more feminine. On the contrast, I think I am not bad enough and I hope I will have the chance to play ‘Super bad woman’, like Shirley Yeung in Brink of Law, jumping out of acting stereotypes requires a new breakthrough.” Although in the series, she played a couple who is having an affair with Bosco, naturally there is quite a number of bodily contact but the two are not at all awkward during filming. Tavia said: “Because I have already worked with Bosco in Dicey Business, we are familiar with each other and have chemistry.” However she said laughingly that she was at her happiest when filming the scenes of adultery because she donned hats, saving time on doing makeup and her hair.

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