Tavia Yeung and Wong He reunite onscreen for “trouble daddy”

Tavia Yeung Yi and Wong He were filming for TVB’s new series, "Trouble Daddy" in a pool scene yesterday.
In the scene, a child’s soccer ball hit a box of watercolor paintings, causing them to drop into a swimming pool. Despite the cold weather, Tavia and Wong He had to go into the water to retrieve the artwork floating in the pool.

The weather dropped to 10 degrees yesterday. Despite the afternoon sun, the water in the pool was extremely cold. However, Tavia and Wong He were extremely professional and immersed in the pool several times to complete the scene. To avoid getting sick, Tavia and Wong He immediately dried their legs after they emerged from the pool.

Was it difficult to film a pool scene in such cold weather? "I grew quickly accustomed to the water temperature. Compared to past water scenes, this one is considered easy!"

This is Tavia’s second collaboration with Wong He since "Shades of Truth." In new series, "Trouble Daddy," Tavia plays a children’s art teacher and has a romantic relationship with Wong He. Tavia revealed that when she was a student, she loved to draw and enjoyed all forms of art assignments.

After filming "Trouble Daddy," Tavia will be taking a break, awaiting a new assignment from TVB.

break, awaiting a new assignment from TVB.

Wong He will act as a father in "Trouble Daddy" and will share numerous scenes with a child actor. Wong He praised the girl who plays his daughter in the series. She is very smart and does not require Wong He a lot of effort to coach.
Aside from "Trouble Daddy," Wong He will be filming Chik Kei Yi’s new 80 episode series, "Jewel’s Splendor" next.
"Since I will be filming ‘Jewel’s Splendor,’ I only have 3 days of rest for Lunar New Year holiday. I will have return to work on the 4th day after New Year’s."

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