Tavia Loses out on Height to Linda at Kookai Show

Fashion label Kookai held a show to reveal its Spring/Summer Collection for 2007 earlier and invited guest models including Tavia Yeung and Linda Chung to join Lisa S and Xiong Dailin at the show. The collection consisted of many colourful floral prints and hot pants.

Wearing flat shoes, Tavia seemed very short when she was stood amid the taller models and she says: "This outfit was not suited to wearing heels and I feel my figure is fine, but I still need to improve on my lower body to increase the parts that should be fuller. I would give myself 80% because I lack the 20% in height." She was a little afraid because of the rather narrow catwalk: "I suffer a little from claustrophobia and I have an imbalance in my ears, so I can become nauseous and faint. Once when I went on a helicopter, I suffered from cramp."

Linda has had plenty of catwalk experience and even done swimwear shows before. Asked if she would do a lingerie show, she says: "If it is not too sexy, then it would be okay. Underwear is very important to women and you should save it to show the one you love." Asked how she thought her performance was, she said: "80 out of 100 – I accidentally lost my shoe before, but fortunately no-one noticed."

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