Tavia Buys a New Car with Rewards from Being Sexy

Tavia Yeung has been invited to be the spokesperson for a beauty centre and took part in the opening ceremony for the company yesterday. She indicated excitedly that the fee was very satisfactory and she can fulfil her wish of buying a new car.

To be asked to be the permanent spokesperson for the company by the owner, Tavia was very excited. This is the second time she has done an opening ceremony for them and she says that the fee is very good. As for the exact figure, she smiles: "I can buy a new car. This year I plan to change my car, so it is just enough to buy one." She hopes to buy a larger European car because her current Japanese model is too light and whenever her mother gets in and out, she will hit her head. What a good daughter Tavia is.

Tavia wore a low-V top with a checked skirt at the event and asked if she was worried about revealing herself in such a sexy top in public, she said confidently: "I have made all the safety precautions and it will not happen." Her series "Dicey Business" aired its finale on Friday and she says that her family have been watching the show and there was a funny incident when her sister called her after watching the scene where Benz Hui’s character dies and she misunderstood, thinking that her pet rabbit had died and she started crying. Although the show has finished airing, this has raised her popularity a lot and the role was one where she could excel, so she has gained a lot from it.

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