Tank’s New Album Unfolds His Gentleness and Aggression

Once Tank’s first album "Fighting" was released, it received many praises and good album sales. From a regular cafe singer, he has transformed into a very successful a singing king.

2007’s new album "Keep Fighting" includes Tank’s first R&B love song "Zhuan Shu Tian Shi". It was immediately chosen as "Hana Kimi’s" ending song because of its soothing melody. The second released song has a big difference. "Jie Tou Ba Wang" consists of elements in hip hop and rock & roll. With two very different types of music, "Tian Shi" and "Ba Wang", people can’t help but praise Tank: "Your range is really wide!" From the start of his new album, Tank and his company has decided on a new music theme; Tian Shi and Ba Wang.

Tank is the type of guy that has two different characteristics. When listening to Tank’s love songs, he is an angel filled with patience and love. When listening to Tank’s hip hop music, he is filled with confidence and explosive force. He began to compose his own works under this new concept. Other than R&B love songs, rock & roll, hip hop, English type rock & roll, English type 2-step, and others, he also incorporated beatbox, acapella, and other amusing elements in to his songs.

Other than being the arranger and producer to many songs, Tank also composed harmony for all of his songs. Teacher Wang Zhi Ping praised Tank in having extreme talent in harmony. It seems like he has a big orchestra in his head anytime so no matter how many voices there are, it wouldn’t baffle him. Tank is a musician that specializes in composing songs, writing lyrics, producing, arranging, and harmony. After another year, Tank is able to produce a brand new album. Even Craig Burbidge from America asked how old Tank is after listening to his works. Tank is able to produce powerful music that is pleasant to the ear.

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