Taking care of your piercing..

The best aftercare will depend on various factors. Each body is unique and every piercing is different. There are a number of things you can do to help your body to heal your piercing. Some of them are:

Keep your hands off the piercing!
Dirty (unwashed) hands are the worst enemy for piercings. During the course of a day your hands become covered with germs. If you touch the piercing, even just near the area, you will deposit bacteria at the piercing site, possibly causing an infection.

Eating Correctly: It is a proven fact that if you eat a healthful, balanced diet your body functions better and heals faster. In most cases, taking vitamin C and zinc will promote healing.

Sea Salt: Applying a very mild, warm sea salt water soak (saline) to your piercing can help your body to heal your piercing. It may also reduce the risk of an infection by helping remove bacteria from the area.

Liquid Soap: It is widely accepted that a mild liquid soap used to gently wash the piercing followed by thorough rinsing is suitable for most piercings. Ask your piercer for suggestions on products that are available in your area. Usually once or twice a day works best; don

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