Taiwanese Actress Shu Qi Admits Temper Tantrums,

Some movie stars may be reluctant to admit they have a bad temper. Not Taiwan’s Shu Qi. In an interview published in Hong Kong’s Ming Pao Weekly magazine over the weekend, Shu described in detail various temper tantrums she has thrown on movie sets, adding that she trashed her mobile phone on the set of the 2002 movie So Close.

“It was an action film shooting in Hong Kong in July and August. My professionalism could only last for 12 hours. If you don’t let me go after 12 hours, I’ll start complaining. I don’t care who you are,” she said.

“But I couldn’t scold someone else. I could only get upset myself and trash my mobile phone,” Shu said, adding, “There’s no way around it. How can you not vent? If you don’t, you could die of depression.”

While shooting the recent John Woo-produced action thriller Blood Brothers, Ming Pao Weekly said she got upset after the cinematographer asked for a re-shoot of a difficult scene because of poor resolution.

“That’s not my problem. It’s your problem,” Shu reportedly told the cinematographer

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