Taiwan Star Jerry Yan Cheng Xu, A South Korean Novel Hero

"Hello! Kai"(???:BOOKGALLERY) is a full-length novel whose main character is modelled from Taiwan star, Yanchengxu. It tells a tragic love story of four people who was hurt when they were younger.

Su-yeon, who is a potter, was travelling in Austrailia. She ran into a guy named "Kai" and fell in love with him. But she had to return to Korea without any information about him. A while later, she took a consultation job for a collaboration drama series of Korea and Taiwan. She finally found her "Kai" was a Taiwan top actor, Zhangxue. That hurt her a lot.

Meanwhile, Yanchengxu, a member of a group singer "F4" is famous for his drama series "Meteor Garden" and has quite a lof of fans in Korea. He’s planning to visit to Korea in December as an ambassador of Woldvision’s Child Sponsorship Project.

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