SYNOPSIS – “JIANG JI JIU JI” (Alec Su, Li Qian, Cecilia Yip, Pau Chun),

Adding to the group of Hongkong and Taiwan Directors advancing in to the Movies/TV Mainland market is another heavy weight person, ie none other than TVB Director Zheng Ji Cheng. He had directed numerous well known high ratings TV drama serials, egs, ??? – Threshold of Era, ???? – Files of Justice, Lotus Lantern – ???, Feng Yu II, ??????? – The Monkey King, etc. This summer is his maiden foray into the Mainland Movies/TV arena where his first piece of collaborated film being, "Jiang Ji Jiu Ji"

The current filming of the 30 episodes serial, "Jiang Ji Jiu Ji" could be considered as a joint collaboration of Hongkong’s two power Director and Playwright, Zheng Ji Cheng and Qiu Ting, respectively. Some of the latter’s works, like, ???? – The Handsome Siblings aka Proud Of Twins, ? ?????? – The Storm Riders (1998), ??? – The Young & Dangerous, ???? – Once a Thief, ????? – The Duke of Mount Deer 2000 (2001), etc were all dwelled upon by the viewers with great relish.

Su Youpeng expressed that the Director has intentions to give him an opportunity for a new acting chance to unearth his hidden capabilities. "This TV serial is fill with schemes/stratagem, battle of wits and valiance and nobody would know its fate until the final moments. Finally, too I do not need to be sweetly and stickily romancing from morning till night."

The story of Jiang Ji Jiu Ji opens from the time when Yuan Kai Shi was in power. The present A-lister Su Youpeng, was transformed as a young elite graduate who had returned from the School of Military Affairs in England, is proficient and all at his finger tips with hypnotism, criminology, psychology. He used all these linked strategies to oppose legendary crook, Ye Fei Fei, nicknamed "Ever Changing". Ye Fei Fei is acted by Ye Tong,

Ye Tong aka Cecilia Yip, the legend Movie Queen, had won several Best Female Lead Awards on several occasions in the Hongkong Film Awards. Because of the dazzling million taels of gold bars hoodwinked from the last reigning dynasty, Emperor Puyi, she fell out with his ex lover Qin Pei. Both changed
identities and lie low for several years.

Ye Fei Fei lied low in a slum area named "Zhu Ji Li" . She will/make use of Su Youpeng in every possible means and at the same time socialize with Qin Pei.

Qin Pei (aka Paul Chun), the old veteran, well known as the "evergreen tree" in the entertainment world, of course won’t pass on the responsibility to another crook. He is acting as the Mafia Godfather of the generation, as Long Xiang Tian.

Both aces diametrically opposing each other, crossing swords again and again.

New generation, "Haiyan", Li Qian, is female lead in the serial. She is acting as Yuer, the little innocent, romantic, cheeky & witty, deceitful monstrous imp. She grew up with the legendary crook, Ye Tong.

Yesterday, (23 Aug 2006), Jiang Ji Jui Ji officially announced its rolling of cameras and it will be a point of an awl sticking out through a bag casting a new legend yet again. The serial would be the most anticipated 2006-2007 commercial production and it will be released in the whole of Mainland China
in 2007.

The above translation is translated verbatim according to the Chinese media
reports and according to the best of my ability and own perception of the
article, with the aid of a Chinese Dictionary. The essence of the translation
is kept as close as possible to its original Chinese contents. It is also
translated to the best of good grammatical English. Therefore, I would
exhort your kind understanding and forebearance to any misinterpretation of the
news/article, etc., wrong grammar usage and/or spellings that might crop
up, as fundamentally, I am NOT a professional translator and only has a
little basic knowledge of Chinese to go by.
Please also note that any other additional remarks or footnotes that are
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