Super Junior’s New Film A Failure

Despite failing box office results for SUPER JUNIOR’s film, “Attack of the Pin-Up Boys”, SM Entertainment will still continue to break through the movie industry. It is reported that SM Entertainment will hold an event, “SM Night,” as an opening for the forthcoming Pusan International Film Festival.

According to the 15 staff members of SM Pictures, a subsidiary of SM Entertainment, SM will soon hold a function called “SM Night” for the opening of the 12th annual Pusan Film Festival on October 4th.

SM will also design their own stage at the film festival and will also use different tactics of activities and ceremonies to attract domestic as well as foreign personnel to further understand the goal that SM wants to achieve in the movie industry. They will also announce information regarding the actors and singers under SM management.

Previously, only SidusHQ and Namooactors, two of South Korea’s top film management companies had held this form of ceremonies and presentations at the film festival.

To make a successful break through in the movie industry, SM Entertainment formed SM Pictures, causing SM’s breakthough in the industry full of expectations. Unfortunately, SM Pictures’ first film, “Attack of the Pin-Up Boys” starring Super Junior, was a failure in the box office. No more than 100,000 were sold, a dismal box office result. This has caused expecations for SM Pictures to slow down. Nonetheless, SM Pictures is still making an effort to promote the film.

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