Super Hot: Megan Fox

I guess most of us knows her. She was the hotest actress in the transformer. Just so you know, Megan Fox was named the FHM’s world’s sexiest woman of 2008 which literally beats off Jessica Alba and Hilary Duff, to name a few. She’s too hot that, there were fans which watched transformer 2: Revenge of the fallen multiple times just to see her again. But recently, when the korean celebrity, Rain was asked if he would accept a date with Megan Fox, but he turned it down. I believe most guys out there would not reject but dying to have a date with her which makes it unbelievable that Rain would not take up the offer.

For those of you die hard fans of Megan Fox, you might be interested with her wallpapers here. And if that doesn’t satisfy your desire of umph, then below short video of Megan Fox doing FHM shooting:

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