Sunblock lotion, which SPF suits you?

I can safely proclaim that 99% of my girls friend are using sunblock or sunscreen lotion. They have the lotion in their handbag almost all the time when they goes out. They can apply few times a day when they see sunny days bright light out there. I thought sunblock are meant to protect from sunburn but apparently to them, it’s for protection against getting darker on the skin. Well, probably I have no proper knowledge of what those lotions are for.

Since I have some spare time at hand, I made some query via Google sinsei. I have heard about higher value of SPF gives better protection, as what they said. But being a total ignorant, I can only listen and absorb what they said. But things are not clear when I asked further. So I shall prevail what I have learnt through Google sinsei for very much information posted around the web.

SPF is an abbreviation of Sun Protection Factor. Our Sun is very active in generating Sun Rays during 10AM till 4PM. A correct usage of sun block is by applying the sub block prior exposing to Sun, preferably 15-30 minutes in advance, then follows by another application after 15-30minute exposure to Sun. Unless the sun block were removed (by accidently rubbed off/or after excessive sweats), reapplication is not really necessary. Indeed, what my friend told me is correct. A higher level of SPF provides better protection compares to lower level (even some countries poses restriction on minimum level of SPF, as low as 30+).

So what should the correct SPF reading suits you? Well, I can’t seems to find a right answer as well. But I have heard on one of the entertainment channels broadcasted on one of the local station, sunblock with minimum level of SPF 70+ is good enough. But with that recommendation, there are also other factors to consider which are:

1. Skin type of individuals
2. The amount applied and frequency of re-application.
3. What activities you are involve in
4. How much sunblock the skin has absorbed

And my personal advice, choose the brand which are more reputable. There are plenty of brand which comes up with the sunscreen or sunblock product but of which are reliable is much towards the reputation of the brand. Since with news of “bad apples” are growing, it’s better to pay a decent price for a better product, for a peaceful mind.

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