Sun Boy’z Performs Tic Tac Toe on the Streets

Sun Boy’z was at various locations in Hong Kong for promotion activites. Along the way, they danced and sang to their new song ‘Tic Tac Toe’, which caused hundreds of people to surround them. One of the audience was on a wheelchair and therefore couldn’t see anything with everyone else blocking him. When he shouted, no one cared. So at the end, he miraculously stood up to watch the performance.

There were alot of fans there holding up fansigns to support them. Other than dancing, Sun Boy’z also gave out mooncakes. Steven demonstrated his dancing in front of a foreigner and received applauses from everyone. They were asked whether they would feel worried that they will be shooed away for dancing on the streets. Steven says he isn’t worried because they can dance while they run away.

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