Suki Chui Joins Celebrations with Acrobats

Suki Chui took part in a celebratory event yesterday where she was joined by some acrobats and attracted quite an audience. As well as learning some of the skills, Suki also performed a song in public for the first time and says that she woke up early to prepare her voice. Asked if she was confident about her singing, she smiled: “I will do my best.”

Suki says that doing the acrobatics was not easy and she hopes to try flying through the air one day. She says: “I like the feeling of swinging and flying.” Wearing a strappy dress at the event, Suki was wary of Yumiko Cheng’s earlier accident and has taken safety precautions, covering herself with tape.

Suki also took part in an event in Taipo earlier and watched fireworks for the first time. She was very pleased that the public are starting to recognise her. She says: “The atmosphere was very good and this is the first time I have watched fireworks in person and smelt the gunpowder. The happiest thing was for people to call me by my character name in ‘The Green Grass of Home’ – Yoyo. I never imagined that the power of series was so great.”

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