Suki Chui is a Dab Hand at Making Rice

Shirley Yeung attended two events yesterday and in the afternoon, she joined Suki Chui at the opening of the JP One restaurant in Shatin. They demonstrated their cookery skills at the event making Chinese and western style breakfasts. Shirley has worked with this company for two or three years now and her fee has risen steadily making her very happy.

Shirley admits that she likes to eat, so in the future, she hopes to open a dessert shop. Asked if she can cook, she says that she knows how to make sweet soup and fruit jellies, but she rarely cooks for her boyfriend because normally he cooks for her. Asked if she will collaborate with him for her business, she smiles that she would rather he cooked more for her instead. Suki’s cookery is not good at all and only her parents have tried her cookery, not even her boyfriend. Asked what she can cook, she says that she tried to do desserts and Western meals, but she is not so good with Chinese dishes. As for her signature dish, it is making rice. She can also fry eggs.

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