Su You Peng – Li Qian ‘form’ a pair of Happy Foes

TV Drama Serial, Jiang Ji Jiu Ji is being intensely filmed in Hengdian Film Studios City. This serial is invested by Fuzhou’s Jiandu Culture Broadcast Pte Ltd. The male & female leads are the youthful idol, Su Youpeng and Li Qian. They will portray as a pair of "happy foes" in the TV serial.

The Serial Jiang Ji Jiu Ji is directed by Zheng Ji Cheng and the playwright is by Qiu Ting. The story begins in the 30s era. The Golden City’s magnate,Zhuang Cheng for the sake of his attaining his hidden objective, was anxious to demolish the slumps, "Zhu Ji Li". Thus, a group of paupers with unique skills contested life and death with the group of high officials and noble who have sinister designs on "Zhu Ji Li". A poor suffering young girl, Yuer, grew up in "Zhu Ji Li". She and an overseas returned academician, Zhuang Ruo Long became good friends after an exchange of blows in their attempt to protect "Zhu Ji Li" during the process of demolishing. Both finally became a pair of "happy foes".

It is about a million taels of gold legend; a story that is about beating someone at his own game; a pure and simple romantic love story ~~~ and in this way went through the era precariously. This serial had enticed tireless talk and anticipation for it.

Su Youpeng had been to Hengdian Movie and Television City in 1999 to film "Jue Dai Shuang Jiao". It has been 7 years since and Hengdian had changed vastly. In Jiang Ji Jiu Ji, Su Youpeng portrays the protagonist, Zhuang Ruo Long, who had returned from England.

Li Qian had acted as the young girl, "Xiao Shuzi" in "Tian Xia Liang Cang" in 2001. In the Jiang Ji Jiu Ji, she will be acting as Yuer. She and Su Youpeng will have a lot of opposing scenes with each other. The whole plot unfolds and revolves round Su Youpeng and Li Qian’s destiny change. The magnate, Zhuang Cheng in the Golden City, is portrayed by Qin Pei. Wu Jiao Jiao is portrayed by Ye Tong and Fan Yi Min by Wang Lei.

The serial was in early preparations for the filming since June this year. The official rolling of the cameras was on the 15th of August and is planned to wrap up in Hengdian by end October.

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