Stressful Leehom in the Rain for Over 2 Hours; More NGs from the Cast

Wang Li-Hong (Leehom Wang) and female lead Tang Wei had to stay in the rain for two hour to continue the unfinished scene they filmed the other night.

Li An’s (Ang Lee) new movie, "Se, Jie (Lust, Caution)" (other name: "Lao Yi De Gu Shi") is still currently in production and is continuing an incomplete night scene they filmed two nights ago in Zheng Anshou Road of Ipoh. The whole crew had to stay in the rain for over 2 hours. They began their filming at 10 PM. To make a perfect result, the firefighters continously poured water on the actors to make an extremely expensive and real effect of a rainy night.

The scene involved Leehom and Tang Wei running in the rain to catch up a bus trolley.

The actors commited at least over 10 NGs before the scene was perfect.


In a record store near where filming took place, the store sold pirated albums of Leehom’s "new album" and continuously played Leehom’s new songs, "Ai Qing Gong Lue (Life is a Game)" and "Finally." This made the singer feel extremely unpleasant, commiting many NGs while filming.

On Friday night Ang Lee brought Leehom, Tang Wei, Chu Chih-Ying and the others to film a night scene. They did not stop filming until it was Saturday morning at 4, working for over 7 hours straight.

Ang Lee began filming the "raining" scene at approximately 1 AM. The scene involved where Leehom is pulling Tang Wei toward the bus trolley. Because lately Leehom had been commiting many NGs, he became more stressful and pressured. After hearing about the record store selling his pirated music albums, it made him feel uncomfortable and could not completely concentrate on his job.

After filming for two hours, the weather really began to rain. During that time, many of Leehom’s fans came to the studio, wanting his signature. When Leehom heard about the fans in the rain, he immediately ran out to them during break to give them signatures so they didn’t need to wait in the rain any longer. However, Leehom said he rather wished them to go home. Not only would it prevent them from being sick from the rain, it would also make Leehom feel less uncomfortable.

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