Still fantasy album released on September 5

Jay Chou’s lastest album "Still Fantasy" was originally supposed to be released on the 8 september 2006. It is confirmed on 31 August 2006 that the release date will be shifted 3 days earlier to the 5 september 2006, the release date will be the same time throughout the Asia.

The preorder period was supposed to last from 23 August to 7 september will now end on 4th september instead, the limited edition of 8 million preorder copies are selling soon, so we concluded that shifting of the preorder date to end prematurely 4 days earlier will not cause too much of a inconvenience to the fans. Fans who have yet to preorder the album, please do so earlier at 7-11 and music stores to prevent missing out on the preorder period (and the limited edition poster). Other than reqesting the fans to understand about the shorten preorder date, we also hope that the media will help to spread the news.

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