Steven Ma’s Alluring Dance Wins Praises from Fans

TVB’s new series "The Entire City Dances" was filming a dance carnival scene at Olympian City yesterday, with cast members including Steven Ma, Bernice Liu, Fala Chen, Kate Tsui, Claire Yiu, Wayne Lai and Mannor Chan. They attracted a large audience to watch them all dancing together in the scene.

Steven indicates that with so many pairs of eyes watching him dance, then if he can get over his fear, then he will never be afraid again. He also laughs that as he has to shake his bottom during his dance, some of the audience commented: "Wow, he can move! And so sexy!" and this boosted his confidence. Later, he will be filming some competition scenes with Bernice and those will be even more difficult. Although he has only been filming for two weeks so far on this series, the company has checked the film and they have praised their performance, indicating an early air date, putting some pressure on Steven.

In the series, Steven will have two topless scenes, one showing his fat and the other showing his abdomen. As the two scenes will be filmed within days of each other, he will not have time to adjust his weight, so it will be down to computer imagery to show the difference. He will also be doing some sexy dancing with Bernice, where she leads and he smiles: "When I twist my legs around hers, I end up in a mess." He admits that this series is very different from his role in "Safe Guards", because there are more girls and they often compliment his good looks, making him very happy and he agrees that he has had some good luck with the ladies recently.

Yesterday was Bernice’s 7th day filming on the run and she has practically not slept, so she was feeling very tired. Fortunately, she has a chance to rest after yesterday’s filming. Talking of her sexy dance with Steven, she says: "It’s not really sexy, but it is a very emotional dance." Asked if she will feel embarrassed, she says she is not afraid because Steven is very professional and conscientious. Although she has been learning ballet from an early age, the latin dancing is very different. She smiles: "Ballet is about keeping your body entirely straight, whereas latin dance is about twisting your hips and I don’t know how to do this very well." In the show, she also has to wear a lot of sexy dance outfits. Fala also has to do some dancing in the show and she smiles that even though she didn’t know how to do it to start with, then she will know by the end of this show.

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