Steven Ma, Sonija Kwok, Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, and Kenny Wong Took Part in a Promotion for “Land of Wealth”

Steven Ma, Sonija Kwok, Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung and Kenny Wong took part in a promotion for "Land of Wealth" yesterday in Tsuen Wan, where a lion dance was arranged to build the atmosphere. As Steven had been absent from the last event, he explained that he has been busy filming for the short info clips during the end credits of the series and as there are over thirty episodes, he nearly lost his voice as a result and he was suffering from tonsilitis. As he has been the centre of earlier rumours about romance and falling out with Sonija, there have been suggestions he is avoiding her, but he says that there is no such thing and he happily posed for photographs with Sonija yesterday as they chatted and laughed on and off the stage.

Asked about her cheerful banter with Steven and what they were discussing, Sonija said: "He asked me if it was hard work filming for ‘Cadets on the Beat’ and I said it wasn’t. (Have you made up with him now?) I have been normal colleagues all along and we get on well and peacefully. " As for the reports of her rumoured tycoon ‘Shell King’ boyfriend Mr Chan offering $30 million to promote her, she immediately replied curtly: "So happy? They make the sum so large? I have only actually seen him twice and I have nothing to do with him, but he is always being linked with me in reports. (Find another boyfriend and they won’t write about him any more?) No one wants me and I have to work every day. (Yoyo Mung has to work every day but she has found Ekin?) I can’t talk about other people’s affairs."

Also Moses was arranged to sing the ending theme song to the series at yesterday’s event, but not only did he have to mime, he also had to read the lyrics from a crib sheet. Afterwards he explained that he was not up to standard because of lack of sleep, but he promises to sing live next time. For Steven who hails from a singing background, he did not sing and Moses was asked if he had been favoured over Steven. He immediately replied: "Don’t say that! This was arranged by the company and I am happy to have the opportunity to sing."

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