Steven Ma May Need Operation on Eye

Steven Ma was injured by a horse earlier whilst filming for series "Predicting Fate" and this caused a fracture to his cheekbone and tissue damage below his eye, resulting in a bloody discharge seeping down into his nose and down his throat. Yesterday he went for a check up at the hospital and found that his eyeball has moved out of place by 2mm. If it continues to move to 3mm or more, then he will have to undergo an operation to correct this.

With the prospect of having to operate on his facial area, it is enough even to make a grown man like Steven afraid: "The injury is still discharging at the moment and I am very worried. Of course I would like to avoid this, because I don’t want to have any procedure to my face that may leave a permanent scar. You cannot the droppage of the eyeball with the naked eye, so it is not as bad as the doctor describes. I will go back for another check-up next week, but this week, I cannot blow my nose or sneeze or move around too violently. I have to be careful and let my cheekbone heal properly."

Asked if his injury will affect the filming schedules for "Predicting Fate", he says: "There are still location shots to be filmed for the show, but it can’t be helped. Fortunately Benny [Chan], Shirley [Yeung] and the producer are all very understanding and for scenes where you cannot see me, they have been working with body doubles. I am worried that this will affect my performance at the anniversary show, because I have not rehearsed it yet. On the evening of the Artiste Department dinner, I was supposed to sing and dance, but I will just be singing now."

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