Steven Ma Injured by a Horse

Steven Ma was filming at Yuen Long’s Tai Tong Lychee Valley for TVB series "Predicting Fate" in a horse-riding scene and although he is quite an experienced rider after filming several series with horses and no stranger to them, showing a lot of understanding, he was still caught out as the horse knocked his head, leaving him with injuries that meant he was rushed to hospital for treatment.

Afterwards, Steven recalls: "When I went to get the horse, I knew that its mood was not very good, so I let a body double take my place for the galloping senes and I just filmed the scenes on the horse’s back, but with the wind blowing the fallen leaves, the horse must have been frightened and it suddenly bolted, hitting my head with the back of its head and it was very painful. I have never hurt so much before in my life." The crew saw Steven screaming with pain after being hit and checked to find that he had a swelling on the right side of his head and he could not open his right eye, so they rushed him to the nearby Pok Oi Hospital, but as there was no A&E department there, they had to take him to another private hospital.

The doctors were worried about Steven being concussed and the bruising around his eyes affecting his vision, so they immediately had a brain, eye area and neck area scan, but there were no fractures to Steven’s cheekbones or skull and the injury was just to soft tissue, so he was discharged and instructed to return for a check-up in a few days time. As the bruising had spread around his eye area, there was a dark area to his eye and he smiled: "Tomorrow is the Anniversary Awards, but I will look like Ultraman on the stage."

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