Steven Ma Finds Treasure Picking up ‘Gentle Crackdown 2′

Moses Chan and Niki Chow’s "The Gentle Crackdown" found great success and good reviews when it aired a few years ago and TVB have confirmed that a sequel will begin filming at the end of next month. Originally it was planned that Moses would reprise his character, but as he is currently tied up filming for the 80-episode spectacular "Jewels Splendor", TVB have decided to replace his leading role with Stephen Ma. With the comment that he has ‘run into a treasure without trying’, Steven admits that is a great opportunity and he is not afraid of being compared to Moses.

When asked if he felt he was onto a good thing, Steven says: "It is a good token, but the storyline is brand new and I am confident with this series. The script editor is the same person who did ‘Safe Guards’ and the original ‘Gentle Crackdown’ and I rarely have the chance to film ancient comedies, so this will be a change of direction for me in a new role." Are you afraid of being compared to Moses? Steven smiles: "No, this is a completely new storyline and with some good drama, the viewers will accept it. I am good friends with Moses, so we will see this as a challenge. (The ratings were very good last time, will you find this puts pressure on you?) Most artistes don’t feel pressure from ratings as long as we do our best in our roles."

Talking of Yumiko Cheng taking her debut TV role in this series, Steven says: "This is the first time we have worked together in a series and I hope she will enjoy it and not put too much pressure on herself. We worked together before in a show and I find her quite outgoing, so I hope there will be some chemistry between us."

Moses was asked about losing out on the sequel because of his tight schedules and he smiles: "I would like to film the sequel, because there will be some chemical reactions between the original cast, but the production process is beyond my control." Do you find it a shame? Moses does not mind and says: "The story is completely different and it is just from the same genre. I hope that I can reprise ‘Shui Dung Lau’ again in the future."

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