Steven Ma Denies Falling Out with Bernice Liu,

Steven Ma and Bernice Liu were filming yesterday for new series "The Entire City Dances" and they made their responses to an untrue rumour. They were filming an argument scene earlier, but when the press took the photograph of the scene, they suggested that Bernice kept having NG’s (outtakes) and this made Steven angry. Steven says: "The reporters did ask me some questions, but I just talked about the storyline. I also said that having worked with Bernice before, we had an understanding. With such a serious answer, they still had to make something up."

Steven hopes that in the Year of the Pig, he can distance himself from such pointless reports: "My sign clashes with the stars this year, but it is not too bad. There will not be so much luck in romance, but there will be a lot of people helping me out and I have even received an offer of work for a stage show in April in America and Canada." Bernice says: "There is no need to clarify these things, the viewers who have watched me for a while will understand. When I was filming for ‘Healing Hands’, they siad I was always losing my temper, but that was what my character was like!"

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