Steven Ma – Confident to Win Best Actor Award 2007

Steven Ma won the award for My Favourite Male Television Character at the TVB anniversary awards this year with his portrayal of Sheung Chi in "Safe Guards". To celebrate his success, some close friends held a party for him and presented him with a cake with the message "Steven shows his stuff and shows success forever" to wish him continued success in his career.

As his golden award has been sent back to the jewellers to have his name engraved on it, he could not show it off at the celebration. Steven says: "The award is made from real gold and is worth about $100,000. In the past, I have won three other awards for ‘My Favourite Television Character’ and they also have real gold stars on them that are worth about $30,000 each, so they are quite valuable." In other words, Steven has won over $200,000 in gold from his awards. With the current gold prices so high, will he trade in his gold? Steven says definitely not and he will be keeping them safe in his safety deposit box because this is a great honour and pride to his family, so he wants to keep this to show his children and grandchildren.

Steven says confidently: "I am confident that I can win the Best Actor award next year because the roles this year have given me a chance to shine and are a mixture of ancient and modern, with each character a product of hard work. For example in the new series with Bernice Liu, I will have to learn to dance and grow my hair, so I hope to give the viewers a fresh new image." Although he is confident, there is still a chance that the favourite will lose out? He smiles:"If I lose out next year, there is always the year after. As an artiste, you have to be confident in yourself because with confidence, then you are a step closer to success." What Steven has given up is clear for all to see, but we just have to wait for the time to be right when he gains true recognition.

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