Steven Cheung Questions Gillian Chung’s ‘Love’

Two nights ago, the ‘Online Love Music 2006 — MOOV Concert’ was held. Twins had the job of the opening portion; along with Sun Boy’z, they were singing and dancing during their performance. Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung initially each had a black and white outfit, but as their performance processed, they changed into athletic outfits while singing many fast songs. When singing ‘Say You Love Me’ with Sun Boy’z, Gillian was led to laugh by Steven Cheung, therefore she missed a little part of the song. Gillian expressed, “I was looking at Steven when I sang the line ‘Say You Love Me’, and he suddenly replied, ‘Seriously?!’ to me!” William Chan also gave a great performance of his dancing and won much of the applause during his cartwheels. The eight minute medley that Twins and Sun Boy’z practised for this mini concert is also going to be added in on Twins’ world tour concerts.

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