Stephy’s New Album Sells 20 000 Copies in a Day!

Just over one month in the new year of 2007, Stephy Tang has already received good news. Her new album, ‘Dating Stephy’, released on Wednesday, has sold over 20 000 copies in one day, breaking her personal best record. This result can be compared to the ‘kings and queens’ of the music industry. The singer disclosed that despite not receiving flowers on Valentines Day, she had received a signed book from rumoured boyfriend, Nian-chen Ye (葉念琛).

Stephy had been unaware of the exciting news on the day her album was released because she had flown to Dongguan for filming. But her manager, Paco Wong flew to Dongguang to bring the good news, making Stephy relieved.

The owner of the music store also sent a boutique of flowers to Stephy to congratulate her on the album sales. Stephy commented, “This is the first boutique of flowers I have received on Valentines Day. (Your rumoured boyfriend, Nian-chen Ye didn’t give you flowers?) I have received any! But I have received a job offer! I have no lover, so it is normal that I didn’t receive any flowers on Valentines Day. (Did you not allow him to give you flowers?) No, for all this time it has been only you (reporters) that have called him my rumoured boyfriend. But he did give me a copy of his new book. He has also given his book to a lot of people!”

On the other hand, a report yesterday told of Stephy’s album being available for download before it had been released. Stephy said, “I have heard about this as well. This is the problem I have been worrying about but it is hard to prevent. All I can do is ask for my fans and those who listen to songs to not download music illegally. (It might have been an insider who uploaded the music!) If that is the case, I will leave it for the company to deal with.”

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