Stephy and Alex Discuss Love

‘Marriage with a Fool 2’ starring Alex Fong and Stephy Tang is a modern love story telling of the secrets and the troubles of having a third person in a relationship. After filming the movie, director, Ye Nian-chen, sat down with 6 cast members to discuss both issues.

Regarding secrets, Stephy disclosed that she finds it hard to keep it to herself and as for Alex, he believes that many people tell secrets to retain trust from their listener. For example, people do not normally tell their friends that they trust them but by telling their friend a secret, they may also be told a secret. As for the third person issue, the director asked the other three members, who all exclaimed, “It has to depend on how much you like this person!”

The ‘Stephy + Alex 十分愛’ photo album is released today. It includes over 100 screen caps of their movie, behind the scenes photos and images of Alex and Stephy discussing the major issues of a love life.

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