Stephen Chow’s New Film “Yangtze River VII” to Start Shooting

Hong Kong comic star and director Stephen Chow has announced that his next film, “Yangtze River VII,” will begin shooting at the end of August in Ningbo, southeast China.

At a cost of 200 million RMB, the film is co-funded by Chow’s Star Overseas Limited, the China Film Group Corporation and Beijing PolyBona Film Publishing.

The famous actor will play the lead, traveling to outer space with the help of a spaceship named “Yangtze River VII.”

Young Chinese actress Zhang Yuqi has been chosen to play a robot in the film.

Although it will involve many stunts, rather than pure science fiction, “Yangtze River VII” centers on the love between a father and son. The astronaut played by Chow is the father, while the role of the son has yet to be filled.

Stephen Chow has expressed his desire to make full use of digital special effects this time around, as he also plans to continue to perfect his unique comedic style.

Special effects will be integral to the astronaut’s launch into space, while stunt scenes represent 70% of the entire film.

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