Stephanie Sun’s New Album to Be Released

Singaporean singer Stephanie Sun’s first album since joining EMI Music will be released on March 22 across the world.

Since the completion of recording for this "Backlighting" album, the pop idol has been working on a music video in Taipei.

The singer and her team were extorted by suspected local gangsters in Cairo when shooting a music video there at the end of February.

The first single "Backlighting" has been the most played song on the radio since debuting on February 28.

Its light beat is accompanied by piano, a string orchestra and chorus.

Sun has said that she is totally immersed in the melody and the hope and strength that this song has brought to her.

Fans in Taiwan have already had access to a presale version of the new album since March 9. Unfortunately, fans in Chinese mainland, will not be able to get their hands on a CD until the official release date of March 22.

The delay has been blamed on printing problems.

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