Stephanie Sun Changed Record Company

Singaporean singer Stefanie Sun inked a deal with record company EMI Music’s Capitol label on Sunday, giving the brand a second Chinese-language big-name pop star after Taiwan’s Jolin Tsai.

Sun, who left Warner Music for Capitol, said she didn’t worry about competing with Tsai. “There should be healthy competition, especially in this industry. This way the music gets better and more diverse,” she said.

Sun, a celebrated pianist, said she didn’t think she and Tsai, who is known for her dancing, are “mutually exclusive,” adding, “it doesn’t mean I can’t dance and she can’t play the piano.”

Attending a signing ceremony in Hong Kong, she declined to reveal the terms of her agreement because of a secrecy clause in the contract.

Sun said she was partly lured to Capitol because music executive Sam Chen, with whom she collaborated on eight of her nine albums, now works there.

“A big reason is Sam Chen,” she said at a news conference, where she was joined by Chen.

“I have many ideas. I change frequently. Very few people can keep up with me. Very few people know what I want to do. And not many people want to support my ideas,” Sun said.

Asked about changes to her music after joining Capitol, Sun said, “The record company should think about that. What I do is mature. I will go to different places and read different books and have more mature thoughts.”

Chen wouldn’t say when Sun’s new album would be released, adding: “When all the music is ready we’ll present it to all her fans.”

Chinese-language stars frequently juggle acting and singing careers, but Sun hasn’t branched into film yet.

Chen said Sun has met with many directors and received many scripts but hasn’t come across a good match. Sun said she’s open to comedy and art-house films but not horror.

EMI Music China chairman Michael Hwang said Sun would have to work hard in promoting her music in China, saying the dynamics of the market now require singers to move beyond big cities and adopt a more “grass-roots” approach.

Sun, who still has an artist management deal with Warner, said Warner and Capitol will share duties in that area.

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