Stephanie Cheng to Work Hard in the Year of the Pig

Through her song ‘紅綠燈’, Stephanie Cheng has achieved great results at last year’s award ceremonies, making it her most successful year of her entire career. The singer has been happy with the feedback because although she has always focused on singing fast songs, she is able to win an award to a slow ballad. When asked if she will now focus on mainly singing slow songs, Stephanie expressed that she will continue to produce fast songs but will be also working on more slower tunes. She then said that she will continue to work hard in the Year of the Pig.

A few years ago, Stephanie was ‘frozen’ by her company because she was dating someone. But now, Stephanie will not let her love life affect her career. She commented, “I have to appreciate the chances I am getting. I am allowed to sing again and be managed by a great company (AMusic). I am still young, I can date some other time. (Aren’t you dating Wilfred Lau?) We are just friends. He sings very well, so I hope that he will have a successful year.”

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