Stefanie Sun Concert in Taipei Multi-Functional Arena, Little Dome

Singaporean singer Stefanie Sun and friend Jolin Tsai jointly presented a stunning gig over the weekend at Sun’s concert. ?

The concert taken place at the Taipei Multi-Functional Arena, known as Little Dome, last Saturday. ??

Attached to a steel wire that landed her on the stage from above, Sun started the night with one of her hits, “The Kite.”

Later, “Dancing Diva”Jolin Tsai made her dazzling appearance in a man’s black costume, joining Sun on the song “Take Your Time.” ??

Sun altogether sang 25 songs at the concert and changed costumes nine times. ??

Not all the songs were performed for her fans. The singer also sang two songs for herself that she did not sing well on the same stage at the Golden Melody Awards in June. ??

Other stars like Wang Leehom, A-shin and Fish Leong also enjoyed the concert on stage that night.

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