Stefanie Sun Beats A-Mei and Jolin as Music Queen held a voting activity “Who is the Music Queen?”, and revealed the results yesterday. Stefanie Sun received more than 30% of the votes, surpassing A-Mei and Jolin, and they were second and third place, respectively.

Because Stefanie is preparing for a concert at the end of July, including a bunch of media attention, when the tickets were on sale, the sales were pretty good. A-Mei is following a close second, which caused fans on both sides to leave mean messages to each other on their websites.

A-Mei fans expressed that A-Mei’s stage presence and footing is stable, and saying that Stefanie’s live performances aren’t as stable, sometimes she’ll sing off-key or she’ll run out of breath. Stefanie’s fans retorted saying that besides last year’s concert performance glitch, she sings so good live, that many people think she’s lip-syncing.

As for “Dancing Diva” which took Taiwan by storm, even though Taiwanese entertainer Jolin Tsai only took third place, fans under 20 years old voted for her the most, showing that Jolin’s hardwork is still being shown and appreciated to the younger crowds. Usually singing about love-long relationships Fish Leong and the still-albumless Li Xin Jie both received fourth place. Fish received most of her votes from female online fans, and in singer of “Ai Cuo” (Wrong Love), Li Xin Jie received more support from male online fans than female online fans.

The results were:
1) Stefanie Sun – 34%
2) A-Mei – 23%
3) Jolin Tsai – 13%
4) Fish Leong
4) Li Xin Jie
5) Faye Wong – 5%

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