Stars Plea to let Lydia Rest

Lydia Shum has been in hospital for a while now and with the little information given away by her family, this has raised the media’s speculation and an Indonesian maid even attempted to sneak into her room in the hospital to take some photographs of her. Although she was apprehended and arrested, this incident is reputed to have been traumatic for Lydia, sending her blood pressure high again and sleepness through fear.

In light of this incident and Lydia’s current condition, her daughter Joyce Cheng joined Lydia’s sister, Eric Tsang, Jackie Cheung, Sze Nam Sang and TVB executive Virginia Lok at a press conference yesterday at TVB City and urged the media not to disturb Lydia any more and to allow her to rest and recover. After a brief introduction from Eric, Joyce said: "My mother’s condition has improved a lot now and she moved from intensive care into a normal private room yesterday. Although many people would like to visit her, she still requires a lot of rest and I am thankful for your concern, but when my mother is a little better, she will come out herself to see everyone."

Jackie was the next to speak as he said: "You will probably wonder why I am sitting here. Since filming with Lydia in 1987, I have always called her my mother and apart from Joyce, I am the person who has called her this the most. Whenever anything happens, Lydia will stand up and help out and I am not the only one who has received help from her. For every person who was born or brought up in Hong Kong, Lydia is a very important treasure and I would like very much to visit her, but even now I have not seen her. I just ask for updates from Chan Suk Fan because I hope to allow Lydia the rest she needs to get better sooner, so I just send her messages. You can write your thoughts on a card, but I wish to urge people who are concerned not to try and visit her in hospital and feed the expectations of the press who lie in wait at the hospital. The best thing you can do is to send her messages and cards and not to disturb her."

Virginia Lok revealed that she had spoken to Lydia and she speaks on behalf of Lydia as she says: "Lydia is thankful to the positive approach in reporting for her and Joyce. She will try to recover soon and will come out to thank everyone personally." Sze Nam Sang indicated that the person apprehended in the ward has been passed to the police to deal with and although Lydia is much better, the doctors still wished for her to stay in intensive care, however after the intrusion, her blood pressure is still very unstable and as a result, the decision was made to move her into a private room, where her family can be with her 24 hours a day. Eric indicates that the person arrested was not a member of the press, but a criminal who wanted to sell the photographs to the press for reasons of greed. He urges the press not to buy these pictures. As Joyce is still very young, the responsibility for dealing with Lydia’s news will now be passed to Ms Chan. Asked what Lydia is actually suffering from, Eric says: "Wait until she comes out to explain it herself. This should be very soon." After the statements and some photographs, they left without answering any further questions.

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