Spinach in Anchovy Soup

Well, I’ve been practicing myself to cook a soup weekly. Most of the time, it turns out quite plain. I guess i need alittle more trials to see improvements.

So today I went and get Spinach, carrots and corn. I have anchovies in my fridge so i used it in hope to put some taste on the soup. Hope it turns out well. Been in the slow cooker for some hours. Will see how it taste it by then.

And as usual, each foods have their own benefits toward health. So since I have spinach soup for tonight dinner, I thought would be good to know what are the beneficial of Spinach. Here are a summary:

1. Improves Anti-Inflammatory cell
2. Could act as Anti-Cancer
3. Antioxidant or anti aging
4. Contains bone-supportive nutrients
5. Plenty of nutrients in it!

I guess I should cook more of spinach as dish 🙂

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