Special Meeting At Japanese Fuji TV About Drama “Jumong”,

There was a special meeting for the Korean MBC drama “Jumong” at the Fuji TV headquarters. ¡°Jumong¡± started airing today all throughout Japan at 8 AM through the Fuji BS.

At this meeting, the voice actors Moto Fuyuki, Miura Rieko, Miyano Mamoru participated in introducing a short insight into the process of dubbing.

Popular star Moto Fuyuki said that “Until now I have acted three times as a voice actor, but for the first time, he felt like a real person,” and that “when the dubbing work was decided, I imagined a cool character, but it was actually a role of a chubby old man. But the way he devotes so much effort into his work is just like me. I can feel the charisma of the role.”

He also added that “I have not even seen ¡®Winter Sonata,’ but just by watching one episode, I get so into it that I am sleep deprived everyday. It is interesting to watch the pitiful Jumong become marvelous as time goes by.”

Miura is the voice of Buyong, who is Jumong’s woman from the opening part of the drama. It is Miura’s first time as a voice actor, so she revealed that “there were things that I didn’t know, but it was fun because it felt like I was acting. I haven’t watch Korean dramas yet, but you really get sucked into the fun of the drama.”

Especially about Buyong, Miura said, “I think of her as an exceptional woman. I also want to become like her. I was deeply impressed.”

Miyano Mamoru who takes on the voice of the main character Jumong, said that “I am glad that I was able to challenge myself with a new kind of acting.”

Meanwhile, on July 4th, singer Fuse Akira’s main theme “Space,” for the drama “Jumong” is planned to be released.

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