Soulmate Review

Country: Korea
Genre: Drama
Release Year: 2006
Type: Series

Has your heart ever raced uncontrollably just passing by someone in the street? Has your heart ever ached so greatly watching someone crying, you yourself are drawn to tears? Now, what if I told you that that person who made you feel this way was your soul mate? Would you believe me? Probably not, but in Soulmate, the idea of fate and the idea that everyone has someone to complete them is explored. The series follows the lives of a group of young singles looking for love, attention, or fun. Whether fate moves them along or whether they create it for themselves, this drama has an addicting set of interconnected stories that’ll make you wonder if your soul mate is right beside you or somewhere out there just waiting to cross your path.

Soulmate, I think, was incredibly underrated in 2006 (no surprise with the series like Goong overshadowing all the competition). The story was so unique, I was hooked to the TV screen just yearning to see more. It’s about soul mates, obviously, but it digs in deeper giving the audience a view of different types of people and how they approach relationships. The story is like one of those Greek mythologies we had to read in high school in which the hero cannot avoid his fate, but no worries, there is no tragic ending. Soulmate has one of those stories that kind of leaves you hanging at the end, thinking who is going to end up with who which is a huge part of this drama’s attraction.

Dong-wook (Shin Dong-wook) is a music coordinator from a relatively nice family. He doesn’t believe in love or fate, so he enjoys himself by making girls fall for him using dating techniques along with his good looks. He’s not a very serious fellow, but that eventually changes. Soo-kyung (Lee Soo Kyung ) is a newspaper editor who has been going out with the same man for five years. One day, her boyfriend, Philip (Choi Philip), decides to propose to her on the subway train. Although she thinks otherwise, she couldn’t possibly humiliate her anxious boyfriend in front of interested passengers, so she reluctantly nods in acceptance as a crowd of onlookers applaud their engagement. Like Dong-wook, Soo-kyung doesn’t believe in fate until卼hat, you have to find out for yourself. I’ll just say that a lot of things happen to her and it gets rather depressing, but then everything lightens up when she comes across a man who’ll 揷omplete? her. Philip, Soo-kyung’s boyfriend is a successful businessman taking English classes under Min-ae (Jang Mi Ae), a seductive beauty all men can’t take their eyes off of. Eventually, this little attraction he has for Min-ae results in something else which stir up his emotions putting his relationship with Soo-kyung in a difficult position. Min-ae isn’t a one-man person. She’s a big player, throwing out techniques to grab the attention of the hottest guys she sees. With her stunning looks, she has no problems in getting what she wants, but by capturing these men, will she be able to find the right man for her? Yu-jin (Sa Kang) is a new editor working alongside Soo-kyung. She’s innocent and pure and knows very little about relationships. I guess you could call her a complete amateur, but she eventually gets some experience that will move her, hurt her, and even make her stronger. Whoa, it seems I’m getting carried away with characters. There are three more characters in the series which include Ryohei (Otani Ryohei), Mi-jin (Kim Mi-jin), and Jeong-hwan (Kong Jeong-hwan). Ryohei is a Japanese model working in Korea. He’s also a close friend of Dong-wook. In the series, he finds love, but it’s more one-sided and it makes you wonder if he’s an idiot. Mi-jin is Soo-kyung and Yu-jin’s supervisor. She has a sharp tongue, an old-fashion style, and a stalker-like obsession which can be seen when she eyes the man of her standards. Jeong-hwan is a fitness trainer who’s friends with both Dong-wook and Ryohei. Unlike the two, Jeong-hwan doesn’t have much luck in finding women. Sure he has techniques, but he doesn’t have as much talent as his friends. He’s a rather hilarious characters. Overall, all the characters are quite lovable in their own little way. Yeah, you’ll hate some of them, but you’ll find out later that they aren’t as bad as they’re portrayed.

Although the series is 24 episodes, it wasn’t very long. Each episode is probably about half an hour, so it’s not a drag to sit through.

Drama, romance, and comedy are provided in this series. The drama makes you feel sorry for some of the characters and possibly admire others. The romance melts you into a puddle of immense joy, and the comedy? It mainly lies between two characters, but it provides so much entertainment.

Hands down probably one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard from a series. It’s really no surprise since one of the central characters is a music coordinator, but really, it’s very impressive. After hearing it and watching the series, you’ll probably look for it. The music is varied from dance club music to music you’d listen on a relaxing day. An absolutely superb soundtrack.

If you think there is fate, I’d say you should watch this series. If you don’t believe in fate, I’d still say you should watch this drama. It’s really neat how things come together and how dreams can become a reality. This series provides a good story, a good cast, and a great soundtrack, so definitely check it out, or you’ll be missing one very underrated series from 2006.

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